Hot Chilli Seeds

At we have an assortment of hot chilli pepper seeds that will enrich your garden and help you get a good yield. Hot chilli is the main ingredient in most of the exquisite cuisines of the World. We take all possible steps to guarantee the purity of the hot chilli seeds and hence what you get is the original and authentic chilli seeding material.

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  1. Antillias Caribbean
    Antillias Caribbean

    A Habanero/Scotch Bonnet variety that produces large, juicy pods that are very hot, around 300,000 SHU. A good introduction to very hot chillies.

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  2. Australian Broome Chilli
    Australian Broome Chilli

    The hottest of the Australian chillies, the Australian Broome delivers a hard-hitting, long-lasting burn, just like the Australian sun!

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  3. Bangladeshi

    A very hot variety, one Bangladeshi plant will produce dozens and dozens of upward facing chillies that are sweet but spicy, perfect consumed fresh.

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  4. Birdseye (Thai - Hot )
    Birdseye (Thai - Hot )

    One of the most widely used chillies in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, the Thai Birdseye is small but spicy and belongs in the veggie patch of all chefs and home cooks alike.

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  5. Birdseye Baby
    Birdseye Baby

    It may produce pods smaller than the iconic Thai Birdseye, but the Birdseye Baby packs the same powerful chilli punch and delivers the same fresh crisp taste.

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  6. Birdseye Large
    Birdseye Large

    Similar to the standard Thai Birdseye, but longer and fatter - perfect for the gardener that believes the age old adage 'size matters'.

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  7. Birdseye Zimbabwe
    Birdseye Zimbabwe

    Also known as Piri Piri, which is for Swahili 'pepper pepper', the Birdseye Zimbabwe is a compact plant that produces small erect pods slightly hotter than the popular Thai Birdseye.

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  8. Bonda Ma Jacques
    Bonda Ma Jacques

    Sitting somewhere between the Habanero and Fatalii, the Bonda Ma Jacques is a very hot chilli, bright yellow in colour with a citrus flavour and strong, fruity scent.

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  9. Chiltepin

    One of the oldest Capsicum Annuum chillies in the world, the Chiltepin produces tiny pea size pods whose heat has been described as "arrebatado" - rapid but violent.

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  10. Congo Trinidad
    Congo Trinidad

    A very hot habanero variety that produces bigger and more ribbed fruits; perfect for those who believe that size does matter.

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