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Pest control is an essential task connected with chilli farming. By adopting the right types of plants pest control you will be able to save the plants from pest attack and insects that harm the plants. If you do not take the right types of chilli plants pest control you will lose the plants and all your efforts to grow chillies will go waste.

To prevent this catastrophe happening to you we have a full range of chilli plants pest control devices and organic products that will help you in effective plants pest control. 

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  1. Bugs for Bugs Sticky Trap
    Bugs for Bugs Sticky Trap

    Stop whiteflies, aphids, moths, leafhoppers and leafminders in their tracks with this cardboard sticky trap.


    Please note that users of sticky traps in Victoria are required to install a protective cage or structure to keep animals out. In protected cropping the greenhouse structure acts as a sufficient barrier, but in outdoor crops additional measures must be taken to protect wildlife.

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  2. Kill A Mite
    Kill A Mite

    Kill A Mite kills red and black spider mites, russit mites, can also be used to kill fungus gnats or scarid flies. One 100ml bottle makes up 100L of mite-killing spray.

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  3. Mite-Rid
    Mite-Rid is an organic, bio-degradable miticide that uses botanical oils, garlic, eucalyptus and surfactant to effectively destroy the troublesome two-spotted and red spider mites. Learn More
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