Medium Hot Chilli Sauces

If you are a lover of chilli sauce, and its hot taste, and want to enjoy some of your food items flavoured by a medium hot chilli sauce then you have many choice today. Medium hot chilli sauce is made with chillies that have medium heat value. This type of chillies has a heat value of 2500 to 15000 SHU. The medium hot chilli sauces are made with chillies like Thai Pepper, Malaguena Pepper, Chilte Pepper or Pequin Pepper. 

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  1. Blair's Death Sauce Mini 4-Pack
    Blair's Death Sauce Mini 4-Pack

    The perfect gift for any chilli lover, the mini 4 pack includes 4 of Blair's best sauces, and even comes with 2 signature skull key rings!

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  2. THSC Hot Banana
    THSC Hot Banana
    Special Price $8.00 Regular Price $10.00

    A dessert chilli sauce, packed with bananas, strawberries, coconut cream, cinnamon ... oh, and some yellow 7 pods!
    Discounted price as best before January 2019

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  3. Happy Beaver Hot Sauce
    Happy Beaver Hot Sauce

    Happy Beaver will put a smile on your face; sugar and tomato paste tempers down the heat of the Bhut Jolokias, making it safe for most!

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