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Our range of premium chilli products includes chips, nuts, liquid smoke, powders and pastes and jams. Now featuring out own line of chilli products, including the world famous "World's Hottest Corn Chips".
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  1. World's Hottest Corn Chips
    World's Hottest Corn Chips

    Chilli Seed Bank presents to you The World's Hottest Corn Chips! Infused with the world's hottest peppers and dusted with Carolina Reaper powder, these chips aren't for the faint of heart. ARE YOU GAME?

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  2. BBQ Habanero Corn Chips
    BBQ Habanero Corn Chips
    Special Price $2.95 Regular Price $3.95

    Little brother to our World's Hottest Corn Chips, our BRAND NEW tongue-tingling BBQ Habanero Corn Chips are the perfect snack to share between mates.

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  3. Whole dried Ancho chilli
    Whole dried Ancho chilli
    As part of the Mexican holy trinity of dried peppers, the Ancho is a staple in Mexico's famous Mole sauce. Learn More
  4. Whole dried Pasilla chilli
    Whole dried Pasilla chilli
    Create authentic Mexican flavours using these dried pasilla pods - stem, deseed and rehydrate them to create Mexico's famous Mole Negro sauce - a traditional spicy chocolate sauce. Learn More
  5. Whole dried Mulato chilli
    Whole dried Mulato chilli

    The Mulato chilli has flavours of chocolate, licorice, cherry and tobacco, and is a key ingredient in Mexico's traditional Mole sauce.

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  6. Whole dried Chile de Arbol
    Whole dried Chile de Arbol
    Eat Arbol chillies in soups, stews or salsas, or create decorative Ristras that are said to bring health and good luck. Learn More
  7. Whole dried Habanero chilli
    Whole dried Habanero chilli
    Reconstitute these dried Habaneros to make your own hot sauce, or blitz them to create a fiery hot powder. Learn More
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