In the world of chilies Thailand occupies a very important place. Tons and tons of chilies are used every day in homes, restaurants and hotels. In the rural Thailand you can find every home having their own chilies bushes, though these chilies are not indigenous to the Thai land but have come from far away new World like the people of Thailand who originally came from China.  Browse our range of Thai chillies on this page.

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  1. Birdseye (Thai - Hot )
    Birdseye (Thai - Hot )

    One of the most widely used chillies in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, the Thai Birdseye is small but spicy and belongs in the veggie patch of all chefs and home cooks alike.

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  2. Birdseye Baby
    Birdseye Baby

    It may produce pods smaller than the iconic Thai Birdseye, but the Birdseye Baby packs the same powerful chilli punch and delivers the same fresh crisp taste.

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  3. Birdseye Large
    Birdseye Large

    Similar to the standard Thai Birdseye, but longer and fatter - perfect for the gardener that believes the age old adage 'size matters'.

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  4. Thai Orange
    Thai Orange

    The Thai Orange chilli is a key ingredient in yellow Thai curries. One of these plants produce hundreds of erect growing spicy pods.

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  5. Thai Phrik Khii Nuu (Large)
    Thai Phrik Khii Nuu (Large)

    A less common Thai Variety seldom available outside Thailand, the Thai Phrik Khii Nuu is a larger birds eye style chilli with downward growing pods. It is used extensively in Thai cooking.

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  6. Thai Prik Chee Fah
    Thai Prik Chee Fah

    A hot Thai variety that is used extensively in Thai cuisine either fresh or dried. With erect growing pods, "Prik Chee Fah" translates to "pointing at the sky".

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  7. Thai Prik Key Gnu
    Thai Prik Key Gnu

    Widely used chillies in Thai cuisine, and also the smallest, these chillies are the size of mouse droppings (maybe that's why the name translates to mouse sh*t chilli!) but pack a punch at 100000 SHU.

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  8. Thai Prik Sod Dang
    Thai Prik Sod Dang
    This Thai plant produces smooth skinned Cayenne-like chillies that can be eaten red or green, and are most commonly used for curries and stir fries. Learn More about Thai Prik Sod Dang
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