Super Hot Chilli Seeds

There are different varieties of chillies and among them some are super hot chillies as they have very high SHU and give enormous amounts of heat when touched with your tongue. If you want to grow chillies with super hot taste and flavour you can find them at Chilli seeds These super hot chilli peppers are available in seed form and you can order them online for easy and safe delivery.

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  1. 7 Pod (7 Pot)
    7 Pod (7 Pot)

    At over 1 million SHU, the 7 Pot got its name because it's thought that just one of these chillies is enough to add heat to 7 pots of stew.

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  2. Bhut Jolokia
    Bhut Jolokia

    A former world record holder, the Bhut Jolokia is super hot chilli that measures in at over 1 million Scoville Heat Units! Also known as the ‘ghost pepper’.

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  3. Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
    Bhut Jolokia Chocolate

    One of our favourite chillies, the Bhut Jolokia Chocolate is slightly milder than the red Bhut but still stupidly hot, with a richer flavour profile that is surprisingly fruity.

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  4. Bhut Jolokia Yellow
    Bhut Jolokia Yellow
    A natural variant of the former world record holder the red Bhut Jolokia, this yellow pepper is super hot and hard to find. Also known as the yellow ghost pepper. Learn More about Bhut Jolokia Yellow
  5. Bih Jolokia
    Bih Jolokia

    The Bih Jolokia is a close relative of the previous world record holder the Bhut Jolokia, measuring in at over 1 million SHU, but slightly smaller, sweeter and less bitter in taste.

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  6. Butch T Trinidad Scorpion
    Butch T Trinidad Scorpion

    A former world record holder, the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion chilli is not for the faint hearted! Easily identifiable, thanks to their sharp point that resembles its namesake - a scorpion tail!

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  7. Carolina Reaper HP22B
    Carolina Reaper HP22B

    The world’s hottest chilli! The Carolina Reaper leaves all other chillies for dead, with the hottest of pods reaching over 2 million SHU. Not for the faint hearted!

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  8. Dorset Naga
    Dorset Naga

    Though never officially crowned, the Dorset Naga was thought to be the world's hottest chilli in the mid 2000s, and one of the first chillies whose pods measured in above 1 million SHU.

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  9. Douglah Chocolate 7 Pod (7 Pot)
    Douglah Chocolate 7 Pod (7 Pot)

    One of the hottest chillies there is, the Douglah Chocolate 7 Pod deserves a spot in the garden of all super hot chilli enthusiasts. Nutty and earthy in flavour, and sure to burn at 1.5million SHU.

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  10. Habanero Chocolate
    Habanero Chocolate

    The hottest of the habanero family, the Chocolate Habanero has their famous fruity flavour but also has a smoky and earthy flavour not offered by other habs! Also known as Congo Black.

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