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  1. Boldog Hungarian
    Boldog Hungarian

    Best known as the chilli used to make genuine Hungarian Paprika, which is richer than store bought paprika, the Boldog Hungarian has a sweet, spicy flavour.

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  2. Bulgarian Carrot
    Bulgarian Carrot

    Long and bright orange, it's no wonder this heirloom chilli is called the Bulgarian Carrot.. But don't be fooled, this glossy chilli is much spicier than the salad carrot!

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  3. Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb

    With almost perfectly-circular red fruit, the Cherry Bomb looks almost like a tomato, but at 5000 Scoville Heat Units you will taste the difference!

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  4. Hungarian Black
    Hungarian Black

    A heirloom chilli from Hungary, the Hungarian black is a striking plant to watch grow, starting with a purple flower and progressing into a green, black then red chilli that resembles the jalapeno.

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  5. Hungarian Yellow Wax
    Hungarian Yellow Wax

    Similar in appearance to the banana chilli, producing large, thick and crunchy pods, but significantly spicier with a Scoville reading of over 5000. Used extensively in Hungarian Cuisine.

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