Australia grows a lot of chilies and most of them are of hot and super hot varieties.  Australian cooking being a mix of cuisines from around the world utilizes chillis of all different heat levels, and in different roles, from dipping sauces to marinade to salads.  Our stock of Australian chilli seeds is grown locally in Australia and is100% top quality

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  1. Australian Atomic Heart
    Australian Atomic Heart

    A large bright red chilli, resembling the Australian outback! A must have for those wanting to grow chillies from every continent.

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  2. Australian Atomic Top End
    Australian Atomic Top End

    A chilli from Darwin that loves the Aussie outback climate, the Atomic Top End belongs in the garden of every Aussie patriot!

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  3. Australian Broome Chilli
    Australian Broome Chilli

    The hottest of the Australian chillies, the Australian Broome delivers a hard-hitting, long-lasting burn, just like the Australian sun!

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