Peru is a country known for its hot and mild chilies. You can find many varieties of them that appear in various colors with bulbous pods or with the size of a fingernail. In the modern days we have more than 50 varieties of chili peppers are used in the Peruvian Cuisine and most of them are regional and you cannot find them out of their territory, but you can can find them here in our store.

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  1. Aji Panca
    Aji Panca

    One of Peru's most popular chillies, the Aji Panca delivers a flavour profile that is unique and intriguing, that all chilli lovers should try - smoky, mildly spicy, with berry undertones!

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  2. Habanero White Jelly Bean
    Habanero White Jelly Bean
    A great looking plant that produces dozens of white jellybean type pods. They may be petite, but their heat isn't! Learn More
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  3. Rocoto / Locoto - Orange
    Rocoto / Locoto - Orange

    The Rocoto Orange produces huge pods about the size of a golf ball, with characteristic black seeds that make it unique and easily identifiable!

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  4. Rocoto / Locoto - Red
    Rocoto / Locoto - Red

    Very cold tolerant, the Rocoto Red grows bigger than its yellow and orange counterparts. Purple flowers, leaves and black seeds make the Rocoto easily identifiable.

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