Super Hot Chilli Sauces

Chilli Sauces add flavour and taste to any food item and when you have super hot chilli sauce you will be able to taste the ultimate heat of it along with your favourite food.

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  1. Chilliman's Ghost Pepper Sauce
    Chilliman's Ghost Pepper Sauce

    Chilliman's Ghost Pepper Sauce is unquestionably one of the hottest non-extract sauces on the market, with each bottle containing at least 10 Bhut Jolokia peppers.

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  2. Blair's 2 AM Reserve
    Blair's 2 AM Reserve

    Blair created this sauce when he worked in the bar biz- if his drunken clients could eat 4 wings at closing time with this sauce on it, they were welcome to stay. Needless to say, no one ever did!

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  3. THSC Skobiyan
    THSC Skobiyan

    With a tag line of "f**king hot chilli sauce", you best take notice! Skobiyan will have you sweating like you've just run a marathon.

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