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Pots and cell trays play an important role in the gardening. These are the basic substrate which bears the plants. Having the right type of pots and cell trays is necessary for proper growth of the chilli plants. When you have ordered chill seeds from us you can also order the required number of cell trays for leaving the chilli seeds to germinate under optimum conditions. Once the plants have germinated and are ready for transplantation you can transfer to the pots to keep the plants indoors.

Our cell trays and pots are available in right sizes and dimensions that make them perfect for growing chilli plants. They can be used for growing other plants also. They are made of durable material and hence have very long life. As they are manufactured using sturdy material they do not change shape or colour even after long use.

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  1. 150mm Round Squat Pot
    150mm Round Squat Pot

    This round plastic pot with decorative fluted sides has a diameter of 125mm, is 120mm tall with a volume of 1.4L. The next size up from the seedling pot.

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  2. 125mm Round Squat Pot
    125mm Round Squat Pot

    Just the right size to transfer your seedlings into post germination, this pot has a diameter of 125mm and is 100mm tall. With 2 label holder slits on the top of the pot, you can easily identify your chillies.

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