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  1. Cayenne Green
    Cayenne Green

    The Cayenne Green is a prolific chilli, milder than its red, yellow and lilac counterparts. Fresh tasting, they are commonly used in their fresh state.

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  2. Cayenne Lilac
    Cayenne Lilac

    A striking plant that produces pretty purple leaves, flowers and pods, the Cayenne Lilac will brighten up every veggie patch.

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  3. Cayenne Red - Thick
    Cayenne Red - Thick

    As the name suggests, this plant produces thicker pods than the traditional thin cayennes, but is identical in every other way!

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  4. Cayenne Red - Thin
    Cayenne Red - Thin

    The Cayenne chilli is prolific, grown all over the world and used in a variety of cuisines. When an ingredient panel lists 'red chilli', it's likely to contain the cayenne.

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  5. Cayenne Yellow
    Cayenne Yellow

    The golden cousin of the prolific Cayenne Red, this beautiful chilli matures to a bright yellow and has a slightly sweeter tang than it's red counterpart.

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