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  1. Blair's 2 AM Reserve
    Blair's 2 AM Reserve

    Blair created this sauce when he worked in the bar biz- if his drunken clients could eat 4 wings at closing time with this sauce on it, they were welcome to stay. Needless to say, no one ever did!

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  2. Blair's 3 AM RESERVE
    Blair's 3 AM RESERVE
    Another of the finest Chillihead gifts in the World with 900,000-1,200,000 scoville units. The second in the series of Blair's AM items & is always a sought after Chillihead Collector Piece. Learn More about Blair's 3 AM RESERVE
  3. Mad Dog 357 - 5 million SHU extract
    Mad Dog 357 - 5 million SHU extract

    An extract measuring in at 5 MILLION Scoville Heat Units, you know 357 is serious business when it comes with a waiver. MUST be used responsibly.

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