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  1. Dr Paul's Pineapple Express
    Dr Paul's Pineapple Express
    Special Price $4.95 Regular Price $14.95

    With more flavour than most hot sauces, Dr Paul's Pineapple Express features pineapple (duh!), raisins, ginger and packs the heat of the famous Bhut Jolokia pepper.

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  2. Dr Paul's Ruby's Reaper
    Dr Paul's Ruby's Reaper
    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $14.95

    Made with the world's hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper, this super hot sauce is reserved for the biggest of dare devils.

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  3. Blair's Beyond Death Sauce
    Blair's Beyond Death Sauce
    Special Price $9.95 Regular Price $16.95

    Sealed with signature Italian blue hard wax, this Blair's sauce will catch your eye and light up your tastebuds.

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    Out of stock
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