Founded in 1989, Blair's sauces have been setting fire to tastebuds worldwide.  Experience the incredible irony of death flowing through your body as you feel more alive than ever before!!! In the beginning, Death Sauce served to test bar patrons to call it a night. But their love of "Wings of Death" kept them coming back for more. Now, 20 years later, over 50 million chiliheads worldwide have thrived on Blair’s Sauces and Snacks

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  1. Blair's After Death Sauce
    Blair's After Death Sauce
    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $11.95
    Sizzling sushi & mind-altering meatloaf await this tongue-tempting assortment of habanero, cayenne, chipotle, & pepper extract. Learn More about Blair's After Death Sauce
  2. Blair's Mega Death Sauce
    Blair's Mega Death Sauce

    The second hottest in the Blair's sauce range, this isn't for the faint hearted, with hard hitting habanero, cayenne and chipotle. 

    Learn More about Blair's Mega Death Sauce
  3. Blair's Pure Death Sauce
    Blair's Pure Death Sauce

    Four letters in Pure, four ingredients in Pure. Perfect portions of orange habaneros, Naga Jolokias, vinegar & baked Hawaiian red salt make Death the most natural thing ever.

    Learn More about Blair's Pure Death Sauce
    Out of stock
  4. Blair's Death Sauce Mini 4-Pack
    Blair's Death Sauce Mini 4-Pack

    The perfect gift for any chilli lover, the mini 4 pack includes 4 of Blair's best sauces, and even comes with 2 signature skull key rings!

    Learn More about Blair's Death Sauce Mini 4-Pack
    Out of stock
  5. Blair's 2 AM Reserve
    Blair's 2 AM Reserve

    Blair created this sauce when he worked in the bar biz- if his drunken clients could eat 4 wings at closing time with this sauce on it, they were welcome to stay. Needless to say, no one ever did!

    Learn More about Blair's 2 AM Reserve
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