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Chilli plants need the many types of plant food for optimized growth.  You have to select the right food for plants and this is possible only when you know the exact needs of your plants. Study and know more about the chilli pepper growing and find the right tips to do the things that are necessary to get a higher germination rate from the seeds. Once the seeds have germinated you have to take good care of the young plants till the time they become stronger to withstand the elements and pests.

Plant foods help your plants get all the nutrients necessary for good growth, and we have a range of food for plants by way of carefully selected plant nutrients that are known to give the best yield from your chilli pepper plants. In the present days, we find the trend of growing plants in a soil free environment as well as in soil based growth systems. The plant food you select for the plants must be able to give the nutrients irrespective of system used to grown the plants.

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  1. Chilli Focus
    Chilli Focus

    Chilli Focus is an Australian made product, designed specifically for chillies, encouraging optimum growth, flowering and fruiting. Suitable for hydroponic and soil growing.

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  2. Liquid Elements Grow Formula
    Liquid Elements Grow Formula
    As low as $24.95

    A full Nutrient formulated and tested in Australia especially for the tomato and capsicum plant families – tested on numerous crops for over 10 years.  Suitable for all types of hydroponic systems.

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