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Dr Paul, known to some as Paul Martanovic, is a local lad who was raised in Wanneroo and now resides in Maylands.  His love of all things food, especially chilli, led him to creating his dream range of sauces which we now know as Dr Pauls Hotsauce.  Established in 2013, what started as a keen gardening hobby, has now grown into a full time sauce making business.

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  1. Dr Paul's Pineapple Express
    Dr Paul's Pineapple Express
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    With more flavour than most hot sauces, Dr Paul's Pineapple Express features pineapple (duh!), raisins, ginger and packs the heat of the famous Bhut Jolokia pepper.

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  2. Dr Paul's Devil's BBQ
    Dr Paul's Devil's BBQ
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    First you'll taste the smoky sweet, before being hit with the Scorpion's heat!

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  3. Dr Paul's Ruby's Reaper
    Dr Paul's Ruby's Reaper
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    Made with the world's hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper, this super hot sauce is reserved for the biggest of dare devils.

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