Capsicum Frutescens

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  1. Birdseye Zimbabwe
    Birdseye Zimbabwe

    Also known as Piri Piri, which is for Swahili 'pepper pepper', the Birdseye Zimbabwe is a compact plant that produces small erect pods slightly hotter than the popular Thai Birdseye.

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  2. Tabasco

    Thought to be the juiciest of all chillies, the Tabasco is famed as the main ingredient in the well known hot sauce that goes by the same name.

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  3. Thai Prik Chee Fah
    Thai Prik Chee Fah

    A hot Thai variety that is used extensively in Thai cuisine either fresh or dried. With erect growing pods, "Prik Chee Fah" translates to "pointing at the sky".

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