Mild Chilli Seeds

Mild chilli peppers are the ones that have very little heat or pungent taste, and are mostly used as an ingredient in food preparation. We have many varieties of mild chilli seeds in our inventory. Mild chilli is one of the most used of the chilli varieties and hence it is grown in large areas throughout the world in large quantities. Even in home gardens and other nurseries large amounts of the mild chilli seeds are being used for raising these plants for getting vegetables for own use.

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  1. Padron

    A deliciously sweet chilli most commonly eaten green, the Padron chilli has earned its place in tapas bars across its homeland of Spain. A must have for home cooks.

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  2. Jimmy Nardello
    Jimmy Nardello
    The Jimmy Nardello pepper is a homage to the Italian family that lovingly cultivated chillies for many generations. Highly versatile, they are eaten fresh, grilled or fried. Learn More about Jimmy Nardello
  3. Guajillo

    Large chillies that are mild to moderate in heat, the Guajillo is used extensively in Mexican cuisine and features in the iconic Harissa paste, Tamales and Mole de Olla.

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  4. Catarina

    A milder version of the Cascabel, the Catarina chilli is most commonly dried and powdered, and has a woody, nutty and smoky flavour.

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  5. Pasilla Bajio / Chilaca
    Pasilla Bajio / Chilaca

    A mild chilli with smoky undertones, the Pasilla Bajio is used in the famous Mexican Mole Sauce or otherwise consumed when dried and powdered. Known as Chilaca when fresh, and Pasilla when dried.

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  6. Bola / Cascabel
    Bola / Cascabel

    Known as Bola in its raw state, and Cascabel in its dry state, this mild chilli is most commonly consumed when dried and powdered when it takes on a woody, nutty and smoky flavour.

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  7. Anaheim

    One of the most popular chillies used for cooking in the US, but seldom found in Australia, the Anaheim is a delicious, mild thick skinned chilli that is best served stuffed and roasted.

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  8. Aji Panca
    Aji Panca

    One of Peru's most popular chillies, the Aji Panca delivers a flavour profile that is unique and intriguing, that all chilli lovers should try - smoky, mildly spicy, with berry undertones!

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  9. Ancho / Poblano
    Ancho / Poblano

    A mild chilli very popular in Mexican cuisine, this chilli can be eaten fresh, cooked, or powdered. Known as Ancho when dry and Poblano when fresh.

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