Medium Hot Chilli Seeds

Medium hot chilli seeds are the varieties of chilli peppers that measure between 2500 to 15001 scoville units. These medium hot chillies have mild hot taste and it is good for using in many of the common food recipes that we are using in our daily lives. We have many good varieties of medium chilli seeds and these can be grown to get good yield of chillies that are in good demand for being used in the day to day food preparation.

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  1. Aji Amarillo - Orange
    Aji Amarillo - Orange

    A thick fleshed, moderately hot chilli that is widely used in South American Cuisine. It's been said that "if there were a chile to taste like sunshine, this would be it".

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  2. Aji Limon / Hot Lemon
    Aji Limon / Hot Lemon

    It's no wonder this chilli is called Aji Limon; bright yellow in colour like its namesake, with citrusy undertones, this chilli is very popular in Peruvian cuisine.

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  3. Aji Tuste Verdi
    Aji Tuste Verdi

    Its name may translate to 'green chile' but the Aji Tuste Verdi is a bit of a rainbow, producing pods that go from green to yellow to orange to red. Difficult to find outside its homeland.

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  4. Bishops Crown
    Bishops Crown

    One of our favourite looking chillies, that delivers versatility - sweet and mild wings, with a moderately hot centre. Highly recommended!

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  5. Brazilian Hot
    Brazilian Hot

    The perfect patio plant, producing erect growing and multi-coloured pods, that change from ivory to purple to yellow to orange, maturing to red. Small but spicy measuring in at about 30,000 SHU.

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  6. Bulgarian Carrot
    Bulgarian Carrot

    Long and bright orange, it's no wonder this heirloom chilli is called the Bulgarian Carrot.. But don't be fooled, this glossy chilli is much spicier than the salad carrot!

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  7. Cayenne Lilac
    Cayenne Lilac

    A striking plant that produces pretty purple leaves, flowers and pods, the Cayenne Lilac will brighten up every veggie patch.

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  8. Cayenne Red - Thick
    Cayenne Red - Thick

    As the name suggests, this plant produces thicker pods than the traditional thin cayennes, but is identical in every other way!

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  9. Cayenne Red - Thin
    Cayenne Red - Thin

    The Cayenne chilli is prolific, grown all over the world and used in a variety of cuisines. When an ingredient panel lists 'red chilli', it's likely to contain the cayenne.

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