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Chilli is one of the most indispensable condiments and it is available in many varieties.  Dried chilli pods are common chilli products that can be bought to make any type of chilli based products or can be used as it is in the cooking process. Though chilli pepper grows in almost all the parts of the world, only some of the chillies that grow in certain part of the world are popular. This is due to the inherent properties of the chilli pods.

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  1. Whole dried Ancho chilli
    Whole dried Ancho chilli
    As part of the Mexican holy trinity of dried peppers, the Ancho is a staple in Mexico's famous Mole sauce. Learn More
  2. Whole dried Pasilla chilli
    Whole dried Pasilla chilli
    Create authentic Mexican flavours using these dried pasilla pods - stem, deseed and rehydrate them to create Mexico's famous Mole Negro sauce - a traditional spicy chocolate sauce. Learn More
  3. Whole dried Piquin chilli
    Whole dried Piquin chilli
    The smoky undertone of piquin peppers makes them a favourite in sauces and salsas, stews and soups. Or just blitz them and use them like you would a chilli powder. Learn More
  4. Whole dried Mulato chilli
    Whole dried Mulato chilli

    The Mulato chilli has flavours of chocolate, licorice, cherry and tobacco, and is a key ingredient in Mexico's traditional Mole sauce.

    Learn More
  5. Whole dried Habanero chilli
    Whole dried Habanero chilli
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    Reconstitute these dried Habaneros to make your own hot sauce, or blitz them to create a fiery hot powder. Learn More
  6. Whole dried Chile de Arbol
    Whole dried Chile de Arbol
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    Eat Arbol chillies in soups, stews or salsas, or create decorative Ristras that are said to bring health and good luck. Learn More
  7. Whole dried Cascabel
    Whole dried Cascabel
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    Cascabel translates to 'rattle' in Spanish due to the sound the seeds make inside the pods when dried. Nutty, smoky and woody in flavour. Learn More
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