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If you are starting your new garden or want to grow chilli plants in your garden, then growing them in terrariums helps them germinate and grow well. The little nursery terrarium that comes as a part of the seed starter kit is an excellent way of giving the best chance of germination and growth in your garden. 

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  1. Stewart Propagator - Medium
    Stewart Propagator - Medium

    Made from durable thermoplastic, this propagator includes adjustable vents for humidity control, and a clear lid for maximum light.

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  2. Terrarium Little Nursery
    Terrarium Little Nursery
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    A sturdy, Australian made propagator made from recycled plastic, that comes with 4x 8 cell seedling trays.

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  3. Root-It Propagation Kit
    Root-It Propagation Kit
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    The ideal introduction kit to propagation, the Root-It propagation kit comes with a propagator, cell inserts and tray, sponges, a scalpel and rooting gel.

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  4. Root-It Windowsill Propagator
    Root-It Windowsill Propagator
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    Designed to fit onto your windowsill, this Root-It propagator includes 24 rooting sponges, first feed and rooting gel.

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  5. Stewart Propagator - Large
    Stewart Propagator - Large
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    This large propagator is made from durable thermoplastic and includes adjustable vents to control humidity and temperature. Best used in conjunction with a heat mat.

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  6. SeaHawk Mylar Mini Tent
    SeaHawk Mylar Mini Tent

    The SkyHawk grow tent is perfect for those wishing to grow strong and healthy seedlings over winter, to allow for quick planting come spring and summer.

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