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We stock a wide range of chilli seeds to suit everyone's needs. Are you a heat seeker, looking to get your hands on the world's hottest chillies like the Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia or Trinidad Moruga Scorpion? You're in the right place. Or have you just returned from Mexico, and desperately wanting to recreate those authentic Mexican flavours? Don't worry, we've got your back. Or maybe you're just an avid gardener, looking to add some chillies to your veggie patch? We can definitely help.

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  1. Ancho / Poblano
    Ancho / Poblano

    A mild chilli very popular in Mexican cuisine, this chilli can be eaten fresh, cooked, or powdered. Known as Ancho when dry and Poblano when fresh.

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  2. Carolina Reaper HP22B
    Carolina Reaper HP22B

    The world’s hottest chilli! The Carolina Reaper leaves all other chillies for dead, with the hottest of pods reaching over 2 million SHU. Not for the faint hearted!

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  3. Padron

    A deliciously sweet chilli most commonly eaten green, the Padron chilli has earned its place in tapas bars across its homeland of Spain. A must have for home cooks.

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  4. Jalapeno

    Highly popular, the Jalapeno is often the benchmark to which other chillies are compared. Used widely in Mexican cuisine, it can be eaten green or red, and is the base of the famous Siracha hot sauce.

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  5. Guajillo

    Large chillies that are mild to moderate in heat, the Guajillo is used extensively in Mexican cuisine and features in the iconic Harissa paste, Tamales and Mole de Olla.

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  6. Pasilla Bajio / Chilaca
    Pasilla Bajio / Chilaca

    A mild chilli with smoky undertones, the Pasilla Bajio is used in the famous Mexican Mole Sauce or otherwise consumed when dried and powdered. Known as Chilaca when fresh, and Pasilla when dried.

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  7. Fresno

    Similar in appearance, taste and heat to the better known Jalapeno, but thought to be more intensely flavoured with smoky undertones, making it a favourite for chefs and home cooks.

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  8. Aji Amarillo - Orange
    Aji Amarillo - Orange

    A thick fleshed, moderately hot chilli that is widely used in South American Cuisine. It's been said that "if there were a chile to taste like sunshine, this would be it".

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  9. Aji Limon / Hot Lemon
    Aji Limon / Hot Lemon

    It's no wonder this chilli is called Aji Limon; bright yellow in colour like its namesake, with citrusy undertones, this chilli is very popular in Peruvian cuisine.

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  10. Aji Panca
    Aji Panca

    One of Peru's most popular chillies, the Aji Panca delivers a flavour profile that is unique and intriguing, that all chilli lovers should try - smoky, mildly spicy, with berry undertones!

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