Technical Support Help/FAQ

The following addresses some issues that you may encounter depending on your local browser setup and suggested solutions.

General Troubleshooting / Display Problems

Step 1 - Check Browser Compatiblity

Our current site is tested for latest releases of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 as of June 2017. If you are using an out of date web browser you may experience inconsistencies due to lack of browser support for modern code features. Please update your browser or download a recent version. This particularly applies to users running Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10.

Step 2 - Check Browser Settings

If text or images appear too small or too large check your zoom level and browser settings. Zoom is represented by a magnifying glass on most browsers, while text size options are usually in the settings section under user interface or similar menu

Step 3 - Check Browser Plugins

There are literally thousand of browser plugins available, while most should not affect your shopping experience, any plugins that affect page styling could have some affect on what you see in your browser window. Switching off troublesome plugins may help in some cases.

Step 4 - Check Operating System User Access Options

Some user experience settins of your operating system can also affect other software including your browser. These include but are not limited to font and image display settings. Operating system or 3rd party aids for visual or other impairment could also affect your experience on site. If you are an end user that makes use of the aids and believe that our site is not user friendly enough for you to navigate properly please get in touch so that we can take steps to remedy the situation.

Step 5 (Advanced Users) - Check Request/Response Header Translations

In the unlikely case that you are altering interpretation of headers on your local machine in any way please revert to a standard usage configuration while on site. This will not apply to the majority of users, if you are unaware exactly what this means it you can safely ignore this step.

Cart Troubleshooting

Items Disappering From Cart / Not Adding To Cart

Step 1 - Check And Sesson Settings In Browser

The website uses session storage and cookies to keep track of your activity on the site, including items in your cart. For this to work correctly, your browser must allow for cookies to be enabled and for us to store data. Please check your browser settings to make sure this is the case. If you should clear cookies during your browsing session it may also affect your cart data resulting in items disappearing from cart.

Step 2 - Enable Javascript

The add to cart process and some other parts of the site are handled by javascript. Your browser should be javascript enabled to make use of these features

Step 3 - Refresh page

The private data received from your computer is only stored temporarily and will be deleted automatically after a period of time. If you have been browsing or have left the window open for a particularly long time your session data may have expired, and will need to be refreshed and items reselected.

I Can't Checkout!

Case 1 - No response when clicking checkout button Step 1 - Check Form Fields

In order to complete the checkout process, all required fields must be entered correctly, including dropdown select of your state/territory. If you are not getting a response when clicking the checkout button, please confirm that form details have been entered correctly, including shipping option. Required fields with missing information will be highlighted in a red box.

Step 2 - Confirm Payment Details (Credit Card Payments) uses a strict security check through the Paypal Flow © platform to protect you against fraud. Part of this security check is validation of your credit card details, and includes verifcation of CC number, security code, card holder name and card holder registered address. Please confirm that the details you enter here are exactly the same as they are reigstered with your bank or financial insitution. Incorrect details will display as a server error or no response

Case 2 - No Available Shipping Method

Step 1 - Check the address fields have been filled out

Shipping calculations require a ship to address to determine pricing options, please check that all address fields have been filled out

Step 2 - Contact For Special Cases

For customers ordering from outside of Australia or for very heavy orders there may be cases where there is no listed shipping option available to you. In this eventuality please contact us via contact form for a custom shipping quote or activation of the online form for your specific region

Other Troubleshooting

Something else happened that's not on this list, or the solution didn't work

For some browsers, notably Internet explorer, websites can be imparing by incorrect security settings. We have an up to date security certificate and external payments are managed by Paypal ©. Try adding our website to your list of trusted sites to improve speed and possible minor fixes

If you were unable to find answer after trying the solutions listed above, please contact us with the nature of your problem and steps taken so that we can help resolve the issue quickly

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