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  1. Blair's 2 AM Reserve
    Blair's 2 AM Reserve
    Out of stock

    Blair created this sauce when he worked in the bar biz- if his drunken clients could eat 4 wings at closing time with this sauce on it, they were welcome to stay. Needless to say, no one ever did!

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  2. Blair's 3 AM RESERVE
    Blair's 3 AM RESERVE
    Out of stock
    Another of the finest Chillihead gifts in the World with 900,000-1,200,000 scoville units. The second in the series of Blair's AM items & is always a sought after Chillihead Collector Piece. Learn More
  3. Blair's After Death Sauce
    Blair's After Death Sauce
    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $11.95
    Sizzling sushi & mind-altering meatloaf await this tongue-tempting assortment of habanero, cayenne, chipotle, & pepper extract. Learn More
  4. Blair's Death Rain Habanero Dry Rub
    Blair's Death Rain Habanero Dry Rub
    Out of stock

    A super hot spice rub and a favourite amongst chilli lovers, this rub includes Red Savina habs (a former world record holder) that will instantly spice up every food item.

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  5. Blair's Death Sauce Mini 4-Pack
    Blair's Death Sauce Mini 4-Pack
    Out of stock

    The perfect gift for any chilli lover, the mini 4 pack includes 4 of Blair's best sauces, and even comes with 2 signature skull key rings!

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  6. Blair's Jalapeno Death Sauce
    Blair's Jalapeno Death Sauce
    Out of stock
    A hot sauce so divine, it should be doused on every dish. Do your eggs a favour and have Death for breakfast. And fish? Learn More
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