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  1. THSC NagaSav
    THSC NagaSav

    One of the original hot BBQ sauces, but still one of the best, the NagaSav delivers the smoke and the spice - a lot of spice, in fact, thanks to the Nagas and Savinas.

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  2. THSC Hot Banana
    THSC Hot Banana
    Special Price $8.00 Regular Price $10.00

    A dessert chilli sauce, packed with bananas, strawberries, coconut cream, cinnamon ... oh, and some yellow 7 pods!
    Discounted price as best before January 2019

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  3. THSC Morry Morich Ghost Sauce
    THSC Morry Morich Ghost Sauce
    Special Price $12.00 Regular Price $15.00

    Originally created by THSC for Ganga Cafe & Restaurant, they liked it so much they added it to their official range.

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