The Hippy Seed Company is run by Neil & Charlotte, and is located at Fennell Bay 2 minutes from beautiful Lake Macquarie & Toronto, N.S.W, Australia. The Hippy Seed Company has been running since 1998, using all handmade or fresh natural Aussie products and contains no artificial colours, extracts or preservatives. THSC Chilli Sauce range consists of numerous Hot Pepper Sauce Award Winners & Mr Chilli Award Winners.

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  1. THSC Tropical Jungle Juice
    THSC Tropical Jungle Juice

    Jungle Juice is a tropical tasting Jalapeno based chilli sauce that includes kiwi fruit, pineapple and cinnamon. It is relatively mild, and can be enjoyed by all.

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  2. THSC Afterburner
    THSC Afterburner

    One of our favourite chilli sauces, the Afterburner is spicy but sweet, with a long-lasting zing. Tasty and versatile, it is good enough for almost every meal.

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  3. THSC NagaSav
    THSC NagaSav

    One of the original hot BBQ sauces, but still one of the best, the NagaSav delivers the smoke and the spice - a lot of spice, in fact, thanks to the Nagas and Savinas.

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  4. THSC Yellow 7
    THSC Yellow 7

    All that goes into this super hot sauce is yellow 7 pods, bourbon, vinegar and sugar, affirming that age old adage that 'less is more'.

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  5. THSC Skobiyan
    THSC Skobiyan

    With a tag line of "f**king hot chilli sauce", you best take notice! Skobiyan will have you sweating like you've just run a marathon.

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  6. THSC Hot Banana
    THSC Hot Banana
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    A dessert chilli sauce, packed with bananas, strawberries, coconut cream, cinnamon ... oh, and some yellow 7 pods!
    Discounted price as best before January 2019

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  7. THSC Hydra Venom Hot Sauce
    THSC Hydra Venom Hot Sauce

    A vibrant hot sauce featuring the rare Bhut Orange Copenhagen and the Chocolate Scorpion; coupled with mango and pineapple, it smells almost like a cocktail.

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  8. THSC Morry Morich Ghost Sauce
    THSC Morry Morich Ghost Sauce
    Special Price $12.00 Regular Price $15.00

    Originally created by THSC for Ganga Cafe & Restaurant, they liked it so much they added it to their official range.

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